An overview of the General toolset

The General toolset contains tools for performing general data management operations. The toolset contains tools for combining feature classes or tables; renaming, copying, or deleting datasets; finding or deleting duplicate or identical records; sorting records; and uploading files to a portal.



Appends to, or optionally updates, an existing target dataset with multiple input datasets. Input datasets can be feature classes, tables, shapefiles, rasters, or annotation or dimension feature classes.


Makes a copy of the input data.

Create Database View

Creates a view in a database based on an SQL expression.


Permanently deletes data. All types of geographic data supported by ArcGIS, as well as toolboxes and workspaces (folders and geodatabases), can be deleted. If the specified item is a workspace, all contained items will also be deleted.

Delete Identical

Deletes records from a feature class or table that have identical values in a set of fields. If the geometry field is selected, feature geometries are compared.

Export Report To PDF

Exports an ArcGIS Pro report to a PDF file.

Extract Data from Geodatabase

Extracts a subset of data from one geodatabase to another geodatabase or an .xml file.

Find Identical

Reports any records in a feature class or table that have identical values in a list of fields, and generates a table listing the identical records. If the Shape field is specified, feature geometries will be compared.


Combines multiple input datasets into a single, new output dataset. This tool can combine point, line, or polygon feature classes or tables.


Changes the name of a dataset. This includes a variety of data types, including feature dataset, raster, table, and shapefile.


Reorders records in a feature class or table, in ascending or descending order, based on one or multiple fields. The reordered result is written to a new dataset.

Transfer Files

Transfers files between a file system and a cloud storage workspace.

Upload File To Portal

Uploads a file to the active portal. Supported file types are .lyrx, .mapx, .pagx, .pdf, .rptt, .rptx, and .stylx.

Tools in the General toolset

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