An overview of the LAS Dataset toolset

The LAS Dataset toolset contains tools for creating, managing, and optimizing a LAS dataset. The LAS dataset data type references collections of LAS files, making them easier to process, visualize, and analyze.


Add Files To LAS Dataset

Adds references for one or more LAS files and surface constraint features to a LAS dataset.

Build LAS Dataset Pyramid

Constructs or updates a LAS dataset display cache, which optimizes its rendering performance.

Create LAS Dataset

Creates a LAS dataset referencing one or more .las files and optional surface constraint features.

LAS Dataset Statistics

Calculates or updates statistics for a LAS dataset and generates an optional statistics report.

LAS Point Statistics As Raster

Creates a raster whose cell values reflect statistical information about LAS points.

Remove Files From LAS Dataset

Removes one or more LAS files and surface constraint features from a LAS dataset.

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