An overview of the Workspace toolset

The Workspace toolset contains tools to create several data storage structures used by ArcGIS.


Clear Workspace Cache

Clears information about a workspace that has been cached in memory.

Convert Schema Report

Converts a JSON or XLSX formatted schema report to another schema report format or to an XML workspace document that can be used to create a geodatabase.

Create Cloud Storage Connection File

Creates a connection file for ArcGIS-supported cloud storage. This tool allows existing raster geoprocessing tools to write cloud raster format (CRF) datasets into the cloud storage bucket or read raster datasets (not limited to CRF) stored in the cloud storage as input.

Create Database Connection

Creates a file that ArcGIS uses to connect to a database or an enterprise geodatabase.

Create Database Connection String

Creates a connection string that geoprocessing tools can use to connect to a database or an enterprise geodatabase.

Create Feature Dataset

Creates a feature dataset in the output location: an existing enterprise, file, or mobile geodatabase.

Create File Geodatabase

Creates a file geodatabase in a folder.

Create Folder

Creates a folder in the specified location.

Create Mobile Geodatabase

Creates a mobile geodatabase.

Create Spatial Type

Adds the ST_Geometry SQL type, subtypes, and functions to an Oracle or a PostgreSQL database. This allows you to use the ST_Geometry SQL type to store geometries in a database that does not contain a geodatabase. You can also use this tool to upgrade the existing ST_Geometry type, subtypes, and functions in an Oracle or a PostgreSQL database.

Create SQLite Database

Creates a GeoPackage or an SQLite database that contains the ST_Geometry or SpatiaLite spatial type.

Export XML Workspace Document

Creates a readable XML document of the geodatabase contents.

Generate Schema Report

Generates an Excel, JSON, PDF, or HTML representation of the geodatabase schema. These formats are output to a target destination folder.

Import XML Workspace Document

Imports the contents of an XML workspace document into an existing geodatabase.

Refresh Excel

Refreshes a Microsoft Excel file in ArcGIS Pro.

Update Geodatabase Connection Properties To Branch

Updates an enterprise geodatabase connection to work with branch versioning.

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