An overview of the Data Reviewer toolbox

The ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension adds a data quality control framework to ArcGIS. Data Reviewer validates data using different checks, contained in batch jobs, that test spatial relationships and integrity. It also provides tools to correct errors found during validation.

The Data Reviewer toolbox contains tools that support data validation, including creating Reviewer sessions and executing batch jobs.


Data Validation

The Data Validation toolset offers tools you can use to ensure your data meets a product specification or other business rules in your organization. The Data Validation toolset has tools for running batch jobs on data to ensure data complies with rules your organization has defined for the data before it is considered valid.

Result Management

Batch job results are stored in sessions within Reviewer workspaces. Sessions can be organized in a number of different ways so you can see the state of your data at different points in time, or by the types of results you have found, such as sampling and feature class results.

Tools in the Result Management toolset can be used to manage the sessions containing the results.

Toolsets in the Data Reviewer toolbox