An overview of the Data Validation toolset

The Data Validation toolset offers tools you can use to ensure your data meets a product specification or other business rules in your organization. The Data Validation toolset has tools for running batch jobs on data to ensure data complies with rules your organization has defined for the data before it is considered valid.

Tool nameDescription

Execute Reviewer Batch Job

Runs a Reviewer batch job on a workspace and writes the results to a Reviewer session. A Reviewer batch job contains groups of Reviewer checks. Checks validate data based on conditions, rules, and spatial relationships. Checks also specify sets of features or rows to validate and their source workspace. A Reviewer session stores information about validation tasks performed by Reviewer checks. This information is stored in a table and a dataset in the Reviewer workspace.

Write To Reviewer Table

Writes a feature class, feature layer, table, or table view to the Reviewer workspace.

Tools in the Data Validation toolset

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