An overview of the Defense toolbox

Available with 3D Analyst license.

Available with Spatial Analyst license.

The Defense toolbox provides a collection of geoprocessing tools that enable the automation of analytical processes and workflows for determining location, distance, range, and visibility.

The Defense toolbox has four toolsets. Each toolset performs specific GIS analyses.


The Conversion toolset contains tools that are used to convert tabular data to features and to convert between coordinate notation formats. These tools create 2-point lines, ellipses, lines of bearing, points, polygons, and polylines that can be stored in a feature class.

Distance and Direction

The Distance and Direction toolset contains tools that are used to determine a range from a given point or set of points. These tools create a set of concentric circles around a point or create a fan to represent ranges.

Gridded Reference Graphic

The Gridded Reference Graphic toolset contains tools for creating local area reference grids and numbering features. These tools create a polygon feature class representing a grid based on a defined size or a world reference system grid.


The Visibility toolset contains tools that are used to determine line of sight between objects. These tools create outputs to represent linear line of sight or radial line of sight. The toolset also includes tools that identify the best terrain where line of sight analysis should be performed.

Defense toolbox tools