An overview of the Visibility toolset

Available with Advanced license.

Available with Spatial Analyst license.

The Visibility toolset contains tools that are used to determine line of sight between objects. These tools create outputs to represent linear line of sight or radial line of sight. The toolset also includes tools that identify the best terrain where line of sight analysis should be performed.

These tools answer questions about visibility, such as the following:

  • Do I have line of sight to the object I am interested in?
  • How much of the surrounding area can I see from a certain point?
  • Where is there a peak to provide the best viewing location?


Find Highest Or Lowest Point

Finds the highest or lowest point of the input surface within a defined area.

Find Local Peaks Or Valleys

Finds local peaks or valleys within a defined area.

Linear Line Of Sight

Creates lines of sight between observers and targets.

Radial Line Of Sight

Shows areas visible to one or more observer locations.

Radial Line Of Sight And Range

Shows areas visible to one or more observer locations given a specified distance and viewing angle.

Tools in the Visibility toolset

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