Network Source (Environment setting)

Tools that honor the Network Source environment allow you to set your network dataset or service used for network distance calculation tasks. This is used by Business Analyst tools only.

By default, the network dataset will be obtained from your Business Analyst data source. A custom network dataset can be selected to override the Business Analyst data source. The dataset can be from a local geodatabase or a service available from a portal.

Dialog syntax

  • Browse to the location of your local network dataset or your portal. The Default value will use the network dataset from your selected Business Analyst data source.

Scripting syntax

arcpy.env.baNetworkSource = NetworkSource

Script example

import arcpy

# Access from a local network dataset
arcpy.env.baNetworkSource = "C:\\MyData\\CustomStreetsData.gdb\\streets\\streets_ND"

# Access from the current portal URL (Online)
arcpy.env.baNetworkSource = ""

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