An overview of the Movement Analysis toolset

The Movement Analysis toolset contains tools that analyze point track data including comparing tracks over different areas, extracting unique identifiers from a point tract dataset, and identifying locations where tracks meet.

This toolset leverages the GeoAnalytics Desktop toolbox. For more information about these tools, see An overview of the GeoAnalytics Desktop toolbox.


Classify Movement Events

Identifies turn events, acceleration events, and speed from an input point track dataset.

Compare Areas

Compares movement point tracks across multiple known areas of interest.

Find Cotravelers

Extracts unique identifiers that are moving through space and time at specified intervals in a point track dataset.

Find Frequented Locations

Identifies areas where a movement track has dwelled for multiple time periods and aggregates those locations based on a track identifier.

Find Meeting Locations

Identifies locations where multiple unique movement tracks have dwelled for a defined time period.

Select Movement Tracks

Selects movement tracks based on an area of interest.

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