An overview of the Validation toolset

Available with ArcGIS Maritime license.

The Validation toolset contains tools that validate S-57 data.


Parse S-58 Log File

Parses log files produced by the Validate S-57 File tool and third-party validation software against S-58 (recommended ENC validation checks). Critical errors and warnings are imported as records in a Data Reviewer table.

Repair Nautical Data

Repairs selected data processes on a database with the Nautical schema. Processes include repairing noncollocated structure-equipment features, deleting detached FREL and COLLECTIONS records, resolving blank or duplicate LNAM attribute values, and nudging point or line features that fall exactly at the cell or MetaDataA (M_CSCL) boundaries.

Validate S-57 File

Validates an ENC, IENC, or bIENC file and generates an .S58 file and a shapefile as a result.

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