If Data Type Is (ModelBuilder)


Evaluates whether the input data matches the specified data type.

Learn how If Data Type Is works in ModelBuilder


  • The tool explicitly evaluates whether the data type of Input Data Element is the same as the specified Data Type value. For example, if the Input Data Element value is a feature class and the Data Type value is Feature Class, the tool will return True. If the Input Data Element value is a feature class and the Data Type value is Shapefile, the tool will return False.

  • This tool is intended for use in ModelBuilder, not in Python scripting.

  • The tool has two Boolean outputs, True and False. Based on the condition being evaluated, one of the two Boolean outputs is true and the other is false after the tool runs. These Boolean outputs must be set as a precondition to the downstream tools for those to execute if either of the preconditions is true.


LabelExplanationData Type
Input Data Element

The input data element that will be evaluated.

Data Element; Layer; Table View; Graph; Utility Network
Data Type

Specifies the data type that will be evaluated.

  • Address Locator —Address Locator
  • Address Locator Style —Address Locator Style
  • Analysis Cell Size —Analysis Cell Size
  • Annotation Layer —Annotation Layer
  • Any Value —Any Value
  • ArcMap Document —ArcMap Document
  • Areal Unit —Areal Unit
  • BIM File Workspace —BIM File Workspace
  • Boolean —Boolean
  • Building Discipline Layer —Building Discipline Layer
  • Building Discipline Scene Layer —Building Discipline Scene Layer
  • Building Layer —Building Layer
  • Building Scene Layer —Building Scene Layer
  • CAD Drawing Dataset —CAD Drawing Dataset
  • Calculator Expression —Calculator Expression
  • Catalog Root —Catalog Root
  • Cell Size —Cell Size
  • Cell Size XY —Cell Size XY
  • Composite Layer —Composite Layer
  • Compression —Compression
  • Coordinate System —Coordinate System
  • Coordinate Systems Folder —Coordinate Systems Folder
  • Coverage —Coverage
  • Coverage Feature Class —Coverage Feature Class
  • Data Element —Data Element
  • Data File —Data File
  • Database Connections —Database Connections
  • Dataset —Dataset
  • Date —Date
  • dBASE Table —dBASE Table
  • Decimate —Decimate
  • Diagram Layer —Diagram Layer
  • Dimension Layer —Dimension Layer
  • Disk Connection —Disk Connection
  • Double —Double
  • Elevation Surface Layer —Elevation Surface Layer
  • Encrypted String —Encrypted String
  • Envelope —Envelope
  • Evaluation Scale —Evaluation Scale
  • Extent —Extent
  • Extract Values —Extract Values
  • Feature Class —Feature Class
  • Feature Dataset —Feature Dataset
  • Feature Layer —Feature Layer
  • Feature Set —Feature Set
  • Field —Field
  • Field Info —Field Info
  • Field Mappings —Field Mappings
  • File —File
  • Folder —Folder
  • Formulated Raster —Formulated Raster
  • Fuzzy function —Fuzzy function
  • GeoDataServer —GeoDataServer
  • Geodataset —Geodataset
  • Geometric Network —Geometric Network
  • Geostatistical Layer —Geostatistical Layer
  • Geostatistical Search Neighborhood —Geostatistical Search Neighborhood
  • Geostatistical Value Table —Geostatistical Value Table
  • GlobeServer —GlobeServer
  • GPServer —GPServer
  • Graph —Graph
  • Graph Data Table —Graph Data Table
  • Group Layer —Group Layer
  • Horizontal Factor —Horizontal Factor
  • Image Service —Image Service
  • Index —Index
  • INFO Expression —INFO Expression
  • INFO Item —INFO Item
  • INFO Table —INFO Table
  • Internet Tiled Layer —Internet Tiled Layer
  • KML Layer —KML Layer
  • LAS Dataset —LAS Dataset
  • LAS Dataset Layer —LAS Dataset Layer
  • Layer —Layer
  • Layer File —Layer File
  • Layout —Layout
  • Line —Line
  • Linear Unit —Linear Unit
  • Long —Long
  • M Domain —M Domain
  • Map —Map
  • Map Server —Map Server
  • Map Server Layer —Map Server Layer
  • Mosaic Dataset —Mosaic Dataset
  • Mosaic Layer —Mosaic Layer
  • Neighborhood —Neighborhood
  • Network Analyst Class FieldMap —Network Analyst Class FieldMap
  • Network Analyst Hierarchy Settings —Network Analyst Hierarchy Settings
  • Network Analyst Layer —Network Analyst Layer
  • Network Data Source —Network Data Source
  • Network Dataset —Network Dataset
  • Network Dataset Layer —Network Dataset Layer
  • Network Travel Mode —Network Travel Mode
  • Parcel Fabric —Parcel Fabric
  • Parcel Fabric for ArcMap —Parcel Fabric for ArcMap
  • Parcel Fabric Layer for ArcMap —Parcel Fabric Layer for ArcMap
  • Parcel Layer —Parcel Layer
  • Point —Point
  • Polygon —Polygon
  • Projection File —Projection File
  • Pyramid —Pyramid
  • Radius —Radius
  • Random Number Generator —Random Number Generator
  • Raster Band —Raster Band
  • Raster Calculator Expression —Raster Calculator Expression
  • Raster Catalog —Raster Catalog
  • Raster Catalog Layer —Raster Catalog Layer
  • Raster Data Layer —Raster Data Layer
  • Raster Dataset —Raster Dataset
  • Raster Layer —Raster Layer
  • Raster Statistics —Raster Statistics
  • Raster Type —Raster Type
  • Record Set —Record Set
  • Relationship Class —Relationship Class
  • Remap —Remap
  • Report —Report
  • Route Measure Event Properties —Route Measure Event Properties
  • Scene Layer —Scene Layer
  • Semivariogram —Semivariogram
  • ServerConnection —ServerConnection
  • Shapefile —Shapefile
  • Spatial Reference —Spatial Reference
  • SQL Expression —SQL Expression
  • String —String
  • String Hidden —String Hidden
  • Table —Table
  • Table View —Table View
  • Terrain Layer —Terrain Layer
  • Text File —Text File
  • Tile Size —Tile Size
  • Time configuration —Time configuration
  • Time Unit —Time Unit
  • TIN —TIN
  • TIN Layer —TIN Layer
  • Tool —Tool
  • Toolbox —Toolbox
  • Topo Features —Topo Features
  • Topology —Topology
  • Topology Layer —Topology Layer
  • Trace Network —Trace Network
  • Trace Network Layer —Trace Network Layer
  • Transformation function —Transformation function
  • Utility Network —Utility Network
  • Utility Network Layer —Utility Network Layer
  • Variant —Variant
  • Vector Tile Layer —Vector Tile Layer
  • Vertical Factor —Vertical Factor
  • Voxel Layer —Voxel Layer
  • VPF Coverage —VPF Coverage
  • VPF Table —VPF Table
  • WCS Coverage —WCS Coverage
  • Weighted Overlay Table —Weighted Overlay Table
  • Weighted Sum —Weighted Sum
  • WMS Map —WMS Map
  • WMTS Layer —WMTS Layer
  • Workspace —Workspace
  • XY Domain —XY Domain
  • Z Domain —Z Domain

Derived Output

LabelExplanationData Type

If the specified criteria evaluates to True, this parameter will be set to True.


If the specified criteria evaluates to False, this parameter will be set to True.



This tool does not use any geoprocessing environments.

Licensing information

  • Basic: Yes
  • Standard: Yes
  • Advanced: Yes