An overview of the Administration toolset

The Administration toolset contains tools that are used to create, configure, and administer a parcel fabric. The toolset also contains a tool that is used to upgrade an ArcMap parcel fabric.


Add Parcel Type

Adds a parcel type to a parcel fabric. A parcel type is defined by a separate polygon and line feature class. Parcel type feature classes are controlled by the parcel fabric dataset.

Create Parcel Fabric

Creates a parcel fabric and its associated datasets. The parcel fabric is created in a feature dataset that resides in a file, enterprise, or mobile geodatabase.

Create Parcel Records

Creates parcel records for the input parcel fabric features using a record name field or an expression.

Disable Parcel Topology

Disables geodatabase topology on a parcel fabric. System-defined topology rules and parcel fabric feature classes will be removed from the topology.

Enable Parcel Topology

Enables geodatabase topology on a parcel fabric.

Remove Parcel Type

Removes a parcel type from a parcel fabric.

Upgrade ArcMap Parcel Fabric

Upgrades an ArcMap parcel fabric to an ArcGIS Pro parcel fabric.

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