An overview of the Analyze Patterns toolset

These tools identify, quantify, and visualize spatial patterns in data.


These tools are available when you have an active ArcGIS Enterprise portal that has an Image Server configured for Raster Analysis. To access and run the tools, you must have spatial analysis privileges. The tools will not work if your active portal is ArcGIS Online.

These tools can be accessed from either the Analysis ribbon or the Geoprocessing pane's Portal tab.

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Calculate Density

Creates a density map from point or line features by spreading known quantities of some phenomenon (represented as attributes of the points or lines) across the map. The result is a layer of areas classified from least dense to most dense.

Interpolate Points

Predicts values at new locations based on measurements from a collection of points. The tool takes point data with values at each point and returns a raster of predicted values.

Tools of the Analyze Patterns toolset

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