An overview of the Manage Data toolset

These tools are used for the day-to-day management of geographic data.


The raster analysis portal tools are available when you are signed in to an ArcGIS Enterprise portal that has ArcGIS Image Server configured for Raster Analysis. When a tool is run, ArcGIS Pro serves as a client and the processing occurs in the servers federated with ArcGIS Enterprise. The portal tools accept layers from your portal as input and creates output in your portal.

The tools will not work if your active portal is ArcGIS Online.

These tools can be accessed from either the Analysis ribbon or the Geoprocessing pane's Portal tab.

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Convert Feature to Raster

Converts features to a raster dataset.

Convert Raster to Feature

Converts a raster to a feature dataset as points, lines, or polygons.

Tools of the Manage Data toolset

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