An overview of the Summarize Data toolset

These tools calculate statistics for a raster layer within zones defined by another dataset.


The raster analysis portal tools are available when you are signed in to an ArcGIS Enterprise portal that has ArcGIS Image Server configured for Raster Analysis. When a tool is run, ArcGIS Pro serves as a client and the processing occurs in the servers federated with ArcGIS Enterprise. The portal tools accept layers from your portal as input and creates output in your portal.

The tools will not work if your active portal is ArcGIS Online.

These tools can be accessed from either the Analysis ribbon or the Geoprocessing pane's Portal tab.

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Summarize Raster Within

Calculates statistics on values of a raster within the zones of another dataset.

For example:

  • Given a layer of watershed areas and an elevation raster layer, calculate the range of elevations in each watershed to determine which ones will have the highest-energy streamflow.
  • Given a layer of administrative management units and a raster layer of land-use categories, calculate the variety of land-use values in each management area to identify the ones that will require the most work to come up with a management plan.

Zonal Statistics As Table

Calculates the values of a raster within the zones of another dataset and reports the results to a table.

For example:

  • Given a layer of the state boundaries and the raster of the distribution of mean precipitation over the continental United States, calculate the statewise distribution of extreme events using a list of percentile values.
  • Given a layer of overlapping ecological zones and a raster layer of soil moisture, calculate all supported statistics in each zone to relate zones with soil moisture availability.

Tools of the Summarize Data toolset

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