An overview of the Ready To Use toolbox

Ready To Use tools are ArcGIS Online geoprocessing services that use the hosted data and analysis capabilities of ArcGIS Online. All you need to provide are input features; all the other data necessary for the analysis and the computation is hosted in ArcGIS Online.

You can use the Ready To Use tools to solve diverse spatial analysis problems, including the following:

  • Profile and viewshed (Elevation)
  • Watershed and stream tracing (Hydrology)

These tools can be accessed from either the Analysis ribbon or the Geoprocessing pane's Portal tab.



The Elevation toolset contains tools that operate on authoritative digital elevation models to derive surface information, such as calculating visible areas and profiles.


The Hydrology toolset contains tools that use elevation data and ancillary information to model the movement of water across the landscape for delineating watersheds and tracing downstream flow path.