An overview of the Data Extraction toolset

The Data Extraction toolset provides four tools to implement advanced clip, zip, and ship tasks as an ArcGIS Server geoprocessing service. General extracting tools, such as those in the Extract toolset and the feature analysis tool Clip, only allow you to extract the subset of a single layer data with the output showing the same data format and spatial reference as the input. These tools are somewhat limited for those who want to extract data with the flexibility to select multiple layers, output format, and spatial reference—especially over the Internet. The Data Extraction toolset is designed to facilitate such functionality so you can efficiently extract the multiple-layered data with the specified format and spatial reference through the geoprocessing service. Moreover, you can zip the output file and send it through email, thus making the whole extraction and delivery process more effective.

The toolset includes four tools: Extract Data, Extract Data Task, Send Email With Zip File Attachment, and Extract Data And Email Task. Extract Data is a script tool allowing you to clip areas of interest based on selected layers, specified output format, and coordinate system and save the output as a ZIP file. Extract Data Task is a model tool that executes the same tasks as Extract Data. The tool contains the Extract Data script but only exposes limited input options as parameters. Furthermore, there are preset output formats and spatial references in a value list that you can choose from. Send Email With Zip File Attachment is a script tool allowing you to email a ZIP file to the specified email address. Extract Data And Email Task is a model tool that combines the functions of both Extract Data Task and Send Email With Zip File Attachment; it contains script tools of both and exposes certain input options as input parameters.

Using each tool of the toolset requires some caution. First, the two script tools are intended to be used as part of the model tools. If you want to create your own script tool based on either of the tools, you can copy the tool and its source Python script into your project folder and modify it there. Second, the two model tools are intended primarily for use as part of a geoprocessing service. When using either of the tools as part of a geoprocessing service, first copy the tool into a custom toolbox. After copying, edit the model and configure it if necessary. After configuration, you need to publish the model as a geoprocessing service. Since the publishing geoprocessing service wizard is not available in ArcGIS Pro, you need to save the toolbox as any supported ArcGIS Desktop version, and use ArcGIS Desktop with the same version of the saved toolbox to publish the tool as a geoprocessing service. You can then connect to the server from ArcGIS Pro and use the service.


Extract Data

Extracts selected layers in the specified area of interest to a specific format and spatial reference. The extracted data is then written to a zip file.

Extract Data and Email Task

Extracts the data in the specified layers and area of interest to the selected format and spatial reference, zips the data, and emails it to the specified address. This tool can be used to create a Data Extraction geoprocessing service.

Extract Data Task

Extracts the selected layers in the specified area of interest to the selected formats and spatial reference, and returns the data in a .zip file.

Send Email With Zip File Attachment

Emails a file to an email address using an SMTP email server.

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