An overview of the Printing toolset

The Printing toolset contains tools to facilitate printing from web applications.

The Export Web Map tool can be embedded in a geoprocessing service to generate a printable map.

The Get Layout Templates Info and Get Report Templates Info tools can be associated with an ExportWebMap task in a geoprocessing service to retrieve information about the content of each available template.


Export Web Map

Returns a printable page layout or basic map of a specified area of interest based on the state of a web app (for example, included services, layer visibility settings, and client-side graphics).

Get Layout Templates Info

Returns the content of layout templates in JSON format. Layout files (.pagx files) located in a folder are used as layout templates.

Get Report Templates Info

Returns the content of report files and templates in JSON format. Report files (.rptx) and report templates (.rptt) are used to store report definitions.

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