An overview of the Utilities toolset

The Utilities toolset contains tools that perform data conversion tasks on space-time cubes and on datasets prior to the creation of a space-time cube. Use these tools to fill missing values in data, spatially or temporally subset cubes, or describe cube properties.


See Visualize the space-time cube for strategies to view cube contents.

The Space Time Cube Explorer add-in that's available on the Spatial Statistics Resources page can also be used to visualize space-time cube contents and analysis results in 2D and 3D by automatically setting up time and range sliders and providing a variety of display theme options.


Describe Space Time Cube

Summarizes the contents and characteristics of a space-time cube. The tool describes the temporal and spatial extent of the space-time cube, the variables in the space-time cube, the analyses performed on each variable, and the 2D and 3D display themes available for each variable.

Fill Missing Values

Replaces missing (null) values with estimated values based on spatial neighbors, space-time neighbors, time-series, or global statistic values.

Subset Space Time Cube

Subsets a space-time cube by spatial extent, space, or time.

Additional resources

The Spatial Statistics Resources page contains a variety of resources to help you use the Spatial Statistics and Space Time Pattern Mining tools, including the following:

  • Hands-on tutorials
  • Workshop videos and presentations
  • Training and web seminars
  • Links to books, articles, and technical papers
  • Sample scripts and case studies

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