An overview of the Analysis toolset

Available with Business Analyst license.

The Analysis toolset contains analytical tools that evaluate territory solutions.


Add Level Variables

Adds a new field at the specified level.

Add Territory Barriers

Allows the addition of polygon or line features to prevent or restrict the growth of territories.

Add Territory Seed Points

Creates a point feature that is used to determine the starting point for creating territories.

Set Balance Variables

Configures variables to be used in the balancing process.

Set Territory Attribute Constraints

Sets variables for adding constraints when solving the territory solution.

Set Territory Distance Parameters

Defines the type of distance calculation or distance constraints to use when creating territories.

Set Territory Level Options

Sets options for how territory levels are created.

Solve Territories

Solves the territory solution based on specified criteria such as attribute constraints or distance constraints.

Validate Territories

Validates a territory solution for invalid territories.

Tools in the Analysis toolset

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