An overview of the Territory Solution toolset

Available with Business Analyst license.

The Territory Solution toolset contains tools to set up, modify, and manage territories. This toolset allows you to build territory hierarchy, manage external variables, and set up constraints.

A territory solution is organized in levels. A level represents a hierarchy in the territory solution. It can represent sales regions, service areas, franchise zones, or voting districts. Each territory solution contains a base, or alignment level, that is the foundation of the solution.


Add Territory Level

Creates a new empty feature class to represent a level.

Copy Territory Solution

Creates a copy of a territory solution.

Create Territory Level Feature Classes

Creates feature classes for a specified territory level.

Create Territory Solution

Creates a new territory solution with two levels and loads input features into the base level.

Export Territory Solution

Exports a territory solution to a feature class. The export includes records from all levels (hierarchy) of the solution.

Generate Territory Report

Creates a summary report of a territory solution or a comparison report of two solutions.

Import Territory Solution

Creates a new territory solution and imports the territories hierarchy from a table or a layer.

Load Territory Records

Adds records (features) or updates existing records for the specified level.

Make Territory Solution Layer

Creates a group layer that represents a territory solution from an existing territory solution dataset.

Rebuild Territory Solution

Updates the territory solution to reflect changes made to the base level.

Tools in the Territory Solution toolset

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