000060: Multiple part feature written as output features <value> to <value> cannot be dissolved into other inputs because of memory limitations.


The Dissolve tool limits the creation of extremely large features based on the relation of feature size to available memory. Complex features—that is, features with a large number of vertices—are the frequent cause. This error may occur when you use the single part option. Features that cannot be fully dissolved will be written as smaller features.


Do the following:

  • Simplify the inputs—Complex inputs can be generalized to remove the number of vertices the Dissolve tool handles. Inputs can be generalized (to an intermediate dataset) using tools in the Generalization toolset.
  • Improve memory—Close any unnecessary applications. Increasing virtual memory will improve Dissolve tool performance. Virtual memory is used when your system runs out of physical memory.
  • Use subsets of the data—If practical, consider using smaller subsets of your input. Tools such as Select Layer By Attribute or Select Layer By Location can be used to select specific features from a layer. Learn more about creating and using layer selections.