000063: Cannot grant or revoke privileges to database user <value>.


Privileges cannot be granted to or revoked from the specified user.


Privileges cannot be granted or revoked under all circumstances. The following are examples:

  • If the user is a database server administrator or geodatabase administrator, they automatically have read/write permissions on all the datasets in the geodatabase; you cannot grant lesser permissions on a dataset—such as read-only—to this user.
  • If a user was granted read/write permission at the geodatabase level, they automatically have read/write permission on the datasets in that geodatabase. You cannot change that user's dataset permissions to read-only or none.
  • If a user has read-only geodatabase permission, you can grant that user read/write permission to specific datasets.
  • If a user's geodatabase-level permission is none, you can grant that user read-only or read/write permission to any dataset in the geodatabase.
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