000457: The locator attached to the geocoded feature class is not valid.


The geocoded feature class cannot be rematched because the attached address locator is invalid or is deprecated.

The attached locator refers to the locator that was used for matching the address table. The locator may be missing due to a broken path.


Do one of the following to resolve the error:

  • Rebuild the attached address locator and rematch the geocoded feature class.
  • Geocode the table again with a locator that was built with the Create Locator tool, Create Feature Locator tool, or a ArcGIS StreetMap Premium locator. Then run the Rematch Addresses tool.
  • Interactively rematch all the addresses in the Rematch Addresses pane with a new locator.
    1. Add the geocode result to the project.
    2. In the Contents pane, right-click the geocode result, select Data, and select Rematch Addresses.
    3. Add a new locator to rematch the addresses or click Auto Rematch Auto Rematch.