000499: Table is not editable.


The tool attempted to modify the input dataset and failed. This error can occur for the following reasons:

  • The data format is not editable.
  • The operation is not supported by this implementation.

    For example, making changes to table schema is not supported for nonhosted feature services (referencing enterprise geodatabase data).

  • Changes cannot be made to table schema while the table is in an edit session.
  • The table is currently participating in a join.
  • The dataset is locked by another application and cannot be modified.


If you're performing operations on the data, convert the data to an editable format, such as a geodatabase or shapefile.

If the data is in an edit session, close the edit session and run the tool again.

If the data is participating in a join, remove the join and run the tool again.

If the data is being used by another application, close the application, and run the tool again.