000594: Input feature <value>: <value>.


The specific input feature requires attention. This can occur for the following reasons:

  • An input feature being processed is positioned outside of the current Output XY Domain environment. The Output XY Domain environment sets the allowable coordinate range for x,y coordinates. If a feature falls outside this range, it cannot be added to the output. In addition, for tools that have a target dataset, such as Append, if the features of the input fall outside the Output XY Domain of the target, they also will not be added. Similarly, the Output M Domain and Output Z Domain environments limit the coordinate range for m- and z-coordinates.
  • An input feature may not be able to be processed because the output dataset has reached the maximum number of records or file size. For example, shapefiles are limited to 2 GB in size, so the error can be raised when trying to process an input feature and write it to the shapefile that has reached the maximum size. Learn more about geoprocessing considerations for shapefile output


Review the Output XY Domain, Output M Domain, and Output Z Domain environment values, and reset them to Same as Input if they are too restrictive for your inputs. When using a tool such as Append, check the coordinate system of the target dataset, and if unknown, define a coordinate system for the feature class. Also, consider creating a feature class with a broader x,y domain if the current x,y domain is too restrictive.

Use a different output format than shapefile, or process fewer records to produce a smaller output dataset.