000732: <value>: Dataset <value> does not exist or is not supported.


The tool was unable to open your dataset.

There are several reasons that could prevent a tool from opening a particular dataset. Most fall into one of these categories:

  • The tool could not find the data because the input data path was typed incorrectly or does not exist.
  • The tool could not find the input because it refers to a layer name that is not in the active map.
  • The data is in an unsupported data format.
  • The data is not supported by this tool.

If the data does exist, one of the following situations may have occurred:

  • An invalid subtype on the dataset. To fix this, go to the feature class properties, click the Subtypes tab, and reenter the default subtype code. If the default is 0, click the cell with 0 and reenter that same value. Apply the change by clicking OK. You will now be able to use the dataset.
  • The Register As Versioned and Unregister As Versioned tools cannot run against a controller dataset, such as a geometric network, topology, network dataset, or terrain. To fix this, run these tools against the feature dataset that contains the geometric network, topology, network dataset, or terrain.


Review the data path used to ensure that it exists and can be accessed by ArcGIS. Correct as required and run the tool again.