001795: Failed to consolidate project due to problem with Geoprocessing History item: <value>.


The project cannot be consolidated or packaged because of a problem with a geoprocessing history item (geoprocessing result).

Executing a geoprocessing tool creates a history item in the Catalog pane. Consolidation may fail for one of the following reasons:

  • The tool execution failed. A failed execution will be represented with a red x.
  • The input data to the tool cannot be found or accessed during consolidation.
  • The tool that was used to create the history item has changed; for example, a new parameter was added to the tool.


If the history item is not required in the project package, you can remove the item, save the project, and repackage the project.

Alternatively, identify the history item with a problem and open it. Rerun the tool, fixing any data input paths. This adds a new, valid history item to the project. Remove the old, problematic history item and save the project before repackaging the project.