002078: Invalid parent subnetwork, the adjacent subnetwork is not within the same tier nor the next hierarchical tier.


Validating the network topology and then updating your subnetwork reveals an invalid parent subnetwork. The adjacent (parent) subnetwork has an invalid tier rank. The subnetwork name with an invalid parent subnetwork is provided as part of the error.

This can occur for hierarchical domain networks if geometric coincidence is used to establish connectivity between subnetworks that are not configured with the correct tier rank ordering.

For example, this could happen in a gas network if the isolation zone (tier rank of 3) is directly connected to the system zone (tier rank of 1) instead of the pressure zone (tier rank of 2).

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Ensure your subnetworks are correctly configured within their tier ranks. For hierarchical domain networks, subnetworks must have parent subnetworks that are of a higher rank by a value of 1.

Parallel ranks are also supported. In the gas network example, the system zone has a tier rank of 1 and the pressure and isolation zones both have a tier rank of 2.

If the connectivity between network features is incorrect, make edits to resolve this. For example, make edits to connect the system zone (tier rank of 1) to the pressure zone (tier rank of 2).