002928: Blank arrival_time or departure_time values in the GTFS stop_times.txt file could not be interpolated for some GTFS trips. These trips will not be included in the output Runs table. Affected trip_id values (showing up to <value>): <value>


A problem was encountered when attempting to interpolate blank values for the arrival_time and departure_time fields in the stop_times.txt file for one or more trips. Common problems include the following:

  • The first or last stop in the sequence for the GTFS trip_id had blank arrival_time and departure_time values.
  • All arrival_time and departure_time values were blank for the GTFS trip_id.
  • Only one arrival_time and departure_time were specified for all stops in the sequence for the GTFS trip_id.
In these cases, the blank arrival_time and departure_time values cannot be interpolated because not enough information is available.

If many GTFS trips have this problem, the list of trips shown in the error message may be truncated.


In the GTFS stop_times.txt file, find the entries with the corresponding trip_id values and enter the missing arrival_time and departure_time values. Once you correct the data, you can rerun the tool.