002952: At least one of the fields '<value>' must be mapped.


At least one of the fields listed in the message must be mapped to build a locator with the Point Address, Parcel, or Alternate House Number locator role. For example, a house can be specified with a House Number value or a Building Name value, so each record in the reference data for the Point Address role must have at least one of these fields mapped (in addition to a Street Name value, which is required for the role).


Assign one of the following locator role fields to one field in the reference data.

  • House Number
  • House Number From
  • House Number To
  • Building Name

If one of the house number range fields is mapped, the value in the field is used for the House Number From and House Number To fields when the locator is created. For example, if the reference data field that is assigned to the House Number From role field has a value of 55, 55 is used as the House Number From and House Number To values.