002953: Unable to process the geometry.


A feature with invalid geometry was found in the reference data and was not stored in the locator during the building process.


Repair or delete the features that were identified as invalid geometry.

  1. Use the Check Geometry tool to generate a report of the geometry problems in the reference data.
  2. Use the Repair Geometry tool to fix the geometry problems identified by the Check Geometry tool.

    Make a backup of the reference data before running the tool, as the Repair Geometry tool modifies the input features.

  3. Use the repaired reference data to build the locator.
  4. If the error continues after repairing the invalid geometry in point or polygon reference data, delete the identified features and create the locator again. If the features are polylines, use the Densify tool with Offset as the Densification Method parameter value to simplify curves that may exist in the reference data, such as cul-de-sacs.