002956: Record ObjectID = <value> from the '<value>' input feature class has an empty or invalid country value. "<value>" in '<value>' is invalid.


A valid country code value was not defined for each feature in the reference data. A record in the reference data has no country code value defined. The Country Code input locator role field only supports three-character country codes, such as USA, CAN, and FRA.


Review the reference data field assigned to the Country Code input locator role field for the record with the ObjectID or ObjectIDs mentioned in the error message. The value must contain a three-character code for the country and must be updated if the value is not a valid code.

Do one of the following to resolve the error:

  • If the value for the record is empty, define the correct three-character country code. This is the best option if the country is not listed in the Country or Region parameter drop-down list.
  • If the value for the record is empty and the reference data covers one of the supported countries of the Create Locator tool, select the correct country from the Country or Region parameter. A country code corresponding to the country name selected is used for the records with empty country code values in the reference data.