002957: Geometry type for '<value>' is not supported. Supported geometry types are: '<value>'.


The geometry type of the reference data used to create the locator is not supported. The supported geometry types are point, polyline, and polygon. Multipoint features are not supported in the reference data and can cause this error.


Do the following to correct the reference data and build the locator successfully:

  1. Determine whether the reference data has multipoint features.
    • Check for multipoint in the Shape field of the reference data.
    • Use the Calculate Geometry Attributes tool with the reference data and use the Geometry Attributes parameter's Number of parts option. A feature with more than one part is a multipart feature.

      The tool adds a field named PNT_COUNT to the Input Features parameter value.

  2. Use the Multipart to Singlepart tool to convert the features in the reference data to single-part features.
  3. Create the locator using the new reference data.