002958: Record ObjectID = <value> from the '<value>' input dataset has an unsupported value in the '<value>' field. Supported values: '<value>'.


The field in the reference data assigned to one or more of the following locator role fields contains an invalid value:

  • Distance Unit
  • Parity
  • Primary Name Indicator
  • Side

Supported values for Distance Unit are KM, Kilometers, MI, Miles, M, and Meters.

Supported values for Parity are Not applicable, NA, N/A, 0, D, Default, Z; Even, E, 1; Odd, O, 2; Mixed, M, Both, B, and 3.

Supported values for Primary Name Indicator are true, Y, Yes, 1, false, N, No, and 0.

Supported values for Side are L and R.


Update the records in the reference data identified in the warning message with valid values, which are listed in the message.