002964: A data source without an ObjectID is not supported as reference data for the '<value>' role.


The reference data used to build a locator requires an ObjectID per row, and the data does not contain one. Unregistered database views or table views in a database do not meet this requirement and building a locator with one prevents the locator from being rebuilt with the Rebuild Address Locator tool.


Do one of the following:

  • Register the table or view with the geodatabase using the Register with Geodatabase tool. Then create the locator using the registered view.
  • If the data source is a geodatabase view, add the view to the map and select it in the Create Locator or Create Feature Locator tool. This works because a temporary ESRI_OID field is created when the view without an ObjectID is added to the map.
  • If the data source is a spatial or nonspatial table view from a database connection, add an integer field that does not support duplicates to the data source to use as the primary key or represent an ObjectID. Then use the data source as the input reference data when building the locator.
  • If the data source is an event layer, convert the layer to a geodatabase feature class.