002966: Record ObjectID = <value> from the '<value>' input dataset has no Language information. The value selected for Language Code will be used: '<value>'.


A valid language code value, such as ENG or GER, was not defined for each feature in the reference data. The language code value is essential when building a locator with multilingual reference data so that the language-specific spelling rules and output formats are included in the locator to prevent incorrect assignment of languages in the geocode results.

If you defined a language code by selecting the <As defined in data> option for the Language Code parameter and you mapped a field from the data to the Language Code locator role field in Field Mapping, the field in the data cannot be empty for any records in the dataset.


If all records in the data are in the same language and the language is available in the Language Code parameter drop-down list, select the language for this parameter instead of selecting <As defined in data>. This applies the correct language code to every record in the data.

If the records in the data are in more than one language, you must add the missing language codes to the records where this field is empty or missing. A list of supported languages and codes is available in the Supported Language Codes column referenced in the Geocode coverage map.