002971: Inconsistent '<value>' values for the same entity in the following records: ObjectID=<value> and ObjectID=<value> in '<value>' feature class.


This warning message is provided when the Feature ID values are the same for multiple entries in the data for the role, but Join ID values for address attributes, such as street name or postal code, are different for these records, which can indicate an error in the data.

Reference data attribute table with two features with the same AddressJoinID value

In the table above, records with OBJECTID values of 3 and 4 define the same point address record because they have the same AddressJoinID value. These two addresses are located in the same city, which are valid alternate values (for example, Los Angeles and Northridge). However, the CityID values for those records are different, and the CityID value is the primary identifier for the city. This discrepancy causes a conflict because the two alternate names for the same city should have the same Join ID value.


Do one of the following to resolve the warning:

  • Review the inconsistencies in the reference data found by the Create Locator tool and correct them. All attribute Join ID values should coincide with two or more records if the records describe the same location.
  • Ignore the warning if the Join ID values do not coincide with records describing the same location in real-world cases. However, ignoring the warning and not correcting the inconsistencies can increase the size of the locator and reduce batch geocoding performance as well as geocoding quality.