003506: At version <value>, the "<value>" tool's "<value>" parameter's filterType has changed.


The analyzer identified a compatibility issue with a tool parameter. The parameter's filterType value is not consistent at the current version and the selected target version.

The following are examples of filters:

  • File type—A list of file extensions, for example, .xml, .xls, and .txt.
  • Feature type—A list of feature class types, for example, Point, Line, and Polygon.
  • Field type—A list of field types, for example, Short, and Long.
  • Range—A minimum and maximum value, for example, 1 to 100.
  • Value list—A list of string or numeric values, for example, UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT.

When a filterType compatibility issue is reported, the parameter has typically changed from no filter to including a filter (or from including a filter to no filter).


Use the target version of the software to review the processes in model and script tools that were identified with compatibility issues. Review the version-appropriate tool documentation, run the model or script tool, and review the output to confirm it is acceptable.

See the Analyze Toolbox For Version tool documentation for more information.