003531: Parameter <value> on the <value> tool has a value that is no longer is valid against its new dataType, the tool may not run correctly


The analyzer identified a compatibility issue with a tool parameter.

Tool parameters have a dataType property that defines a valid value as well as validation of those values. This is particularly important when working with models.

The parameter was altered so that the value in the model is not compatible with the parameter's dataType property at the target version.

For example, at ArcGIS Pro 3.2 a tool's parameter has a dataType property of feature class or raster, and a model is created setting this parameter's value to a raster. Then the model is saved to an earlier version in which the parameter's dataType property is a feature class.


This compatibility issue cannot be addressed automatically. Try the following:

  • Use a later target version in which the compatibility issue is not present.
  • Modify the model or script tool to use an alternative, if one exists, to the problematic tool or parameter.