010085: <value> is an invalid field name.


The specified field name is invalid.


Check the input field name and make sure it adheres to the following conventions:

  • Field names should only contain characters a–z, 0–9, and underscores.

    Do not use spaces, hyphens, parentheses, brackets, and other special characters, such as $, %, and #.

  • Avoid using field names that contain words that are typically considered reserved keywords. These are typically data, day, month, table, text, user, when, where, year, and zone.

    Note that each underlying DBMS can have its own set of reserved keywords.

  • The field name length must comply with the specifications of the particular format.

    • Geodatabase feature class and table field names can be up to 64 characters. (More specifically, you can only enter up to 52 characters for a personal geodatabase feature class name because the system appends characters to total 64.)
    • Shapefiles and .dbf field names can be up to 10 characters long.
    • INFO tables can be up to 6 letters or numbers.
    The underlying DBMS may impose additional restrictions on field names.