010106: No value column(s) in the sample file <value>.


The sample file is not valid. It requires cell values from the relevant zones. A sample file is an ASCII file that can be used to create the signature file input needed for certain tools in multivariate analysis. The sample file is generally input into the SampleSig tool to actually create the signature file. It can also be created by the Sample tool, or it can be generated in any text editor. The format for a sample file must be as follows:

Zone# x y cellvalue1 cellvalue2 cellvalue3 …
Zone# x y cellvalue1 cellvalue2 cellvalue3 …


  • Make sure that your sample file is in the format specified above.
  • Make sure that there are spaces between the zone number, x, y, and each cell value.
  • Make sure that each zone number is on a separate line in the ASCII file.