010194: PATHDISTANCE: Undefined horizontal factor parameters.


The horizontal factor parameters have not been correctly defined. Horizontal factor parameters define the relationship between the horizontal cost factor and the horizontal relative moving angle (HRMA). The parameters are composed of a keyword specifying an existing graph or table for a custom graph created from an ASCII file. The keyword parameter can have modifiers, and the entire string needs to be in quotes. Spaces must separate the keyword and modifiers. The format for horizontal parameter modifiers is "modifier_name=value". Valid horizontal keywords are BINARY, FORWARD, LINEAR, INVERSE_LINEAR, and TABLE. Valid horizontal factor modifiers to the keywords are ZEROFACTOR, CUTANGLE, SLOPE, SIDEVALUE, and table_name. For example, a valid horizontal factor parameter is "BINARY CUTANGLE=120".


  • Make sure a keyword identifying the horizontal factor table is specified.
  • If TABLE is used, make sure that an input horizontal factor table has been identified.
  • When a modifier has been entered, make sure that it is followed by the equal sign and a valid value.