010202: PATHDISTANCE: Format error in the vertical factor parameter file.


The vertical factor parameter file is incorrectly formatted. The vertical factor file or table is an ASCII file with two columns. The first column identifies the vertical relative moving angle (VRMA) in degrees, and the second, the vertical factor (VF). Each line in the file specifies a point in a vertical-factor graph. Two consecutive points produce a line segment in the VRMA-VF coordinate system. The angles must be input in ascending order.


Check the following to ensure the horizontal factor parameter file is in the correct format:

  • There are two columns.
  • The values in the first column (VRMA) range from -90 to 90 and are in ascending order.
  • The values in the columns (VRMA and VF) are separated by a space.
  • Only one angle and one factor are specified on a line.