010203: PATHDISTANCE: High cut angle is not between 0 to 90.


The value specified for the High cut angle is not in the expected range. The vertical factor influences the total cost of moving into a cell by accounting for any vertical friction encountered. Determining the vertical cost for each cell is a two-step process. First, the prevailing vertical direction is defined by calculating the slope between each cell from the heights defined on the vertical-factor raster. This slope defines the vertical relative moving angle (VRMA). Once the VRMA is calculated, the vertical resistance to overcome the vertical factor is identified from the vertical-factor graph. Since the VRMA is a degree of slope, it can only range from -90 (going down) to 90 (going up). The High cut angle identifies the threshold VRMA at which any VRMA equal to or greater than the angle is assigned to infinity for the VF. To function as a barrier, the High cut angle needs to be between 0 and 90 since it defines the threshold to assign to infinity of a positive or uphill slope.


Make sure the specified High cut angle is between 0 and 90.