010204: PATHDISTANCE: Illegal vertical factor modifier.


The vertical factor modifier is not valid. Vertical factor parameters define the relationship between the vertical cost factor and the vertical relative moving angle (VRMA). The parameters are composed of a keyword specifying an existing graph or table for a custom graph created from an ASCII file. The keyword parameters can have modifiers, and the entire string must be enclosed in quotes. Spaces must separate the keyword and modifiers. The format for vertical parameter modifiers is "modifier_name=value". Valid vertical keywords are BINARY, LINEAR, SYM_LINEAR, SYM_INVERSE_LINEAR, COS, SEC, COS-SEC, SEC-COS, and TABLE. The valid modifiers are ZEROFACTOR, LCUTANGLE, HCUTANGLE, SLOPE, and table_name. For example, a valid vertical factor parameter is "LINEAR SLOPE=0.0111".


The following list of issues identifies how to resolve the most common problems encountered with the vertical factor parameters:

  • Ensure that the vertical factor modifiers are valid.
  • Ensure that the modifiers and the keyword are contained within quotes.
  • Ensure there is a space between the keyword and the modifiers.
  • Ensure the modifier is followed by an equal sign and the value to assign the modifier.
  • There must be no spaces between the modifier, the equal sign, and the assigned value.
The documentation for how Path Distance works gives more information on the formatting of the parameter file.