030247: One or more break values could not be reached by one or more facilities.


When solving a Service Area network analysis, sometimes the specified break value, or cutoff, cannot be reached from a facility. For example, you may see this message if you specify a break of five minutes, but it is only possible to travel two minutes from the facility. In this case, the resulting service area represents the area reachable from zero to two minutes from the facility instead of zero to five minutes. Possible causes include the following:

  • Network restrictions, U-turn policies, or barriers prevent travel along roads providing access to the facility.
  • A break value so large that the entire network dataset can be traversed without exceeding the break.


Double-check your analysis settings to ensure they are correct. If they are incorrect, make the necessary changes and rerun the analysis.

If the settings are correct, this message does not indicate a problem and simply helps to explain the results.