030259: Invalid value for the "<value>" parameter. The value must be a JSON containing "<value>" properties.


The input JSON value specified for the parameter is incorrect.


Specify a JSON value containing the datastoreId and path properties. The datastoreId value is the ID of the data store item referencing the workspace of the network dataset. The path value is the relative path to the network dataset in the data store. For example, if the catalog path of your network dataset in a file geodatabase on the ArcGIS Server machine is C:\data\streets\NorthAmerica.gdb\Routing\Routing_ND and your data store item is referencing C:\data, the value for this parameter should be specified as {"datastoreId": "3eba512c2a0841d5adcc4c83029d8bf6", "path": "/streets/NorthAmerica.gdb/Routing/Routing_ND"}.