050137: 3D symbology must use real-world symbol sizes in order to be converted to a multipatch.


The Layer 3D To Feature Class tool can create multipatch features that capture the 3D symbology applied to a feature layer. Since the multipatch provides a fixed representation of the 3D geometry, the layer's 3D symbols must be defined by real-world units that use a constant, measurable size. This error occurs when the input feature layer's 3D symbols are drawn using a consistent display size, which renders the object at the same size at all viewing distances.


Display the 3D layers in real-world units by doing the following:

  1. In the active scene view, right-click the layer in the Contents pane and select Properties to open the Layer Properties dialog box.
  2. On the Layer Properties dialog box, click the Display tab.
  3. Select the Display 3D symbols in real-world units option.

Learn more about setting display units and symbol size