110547: The specified number of locations could not be created in all cases.


The specified number of sample locations were not created. This can occur in the following situations:

  • The value of the Minimum Distance Between Sample Points parameter is sufficiently large that the specified number of sample locations cannot be created within the study area (or stratum) without some points being closer to each other than the minimum distance. In this case, fewer locations will be created than were specified.
  • If the Bin Size parameter value is provided as a count, it is not always possible to create the specified number of sample locations in the study area. The tool will try various area values and use the area that creates a sample count closest to the specified value. The area (in the unit of the output coordinate system) and the resulting number of sample locations will be returned as geoprocessing messages.


No action is required. To resolve the warning, use a smaller minimum distance between sample features or a different bin size.